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If You're Miserable At Work, Maybe It's Not Your Fault

Episode Summary

Burnout at work is sky high and on the rise. It’s up to employers, not employees, to make some changes.

Episode Notes

Burnout is burning out of control. A lack of motivation at work. A sense that the effort you put in ultimately has no point. A feeling that all of this stuff is getting worse and you can’t do anything about it. Sound familiar? The levels of burnout among employees all over the world are soaring as we pass the year mark of the pandemic. In a global survey, 89% of people say their well being has diminished as part of work. It comes at a time when burnout is listed in the International Classification of Diseases as a legit phenomenon. And the response of employers? Maybe a discounted gym membership or a Zoom yoga class. In other words, it’s an employee problem when in generally the issue is a lack of understanding and compassion in the way humans are treated. 

We’ll talk about what to do about it and hear from a top researcher in burnout, Jennifer Moss, and get listener tales of workplace burnout in the past year. Including autopsy burnout, which seems really next level.

So hey. Maybe it’s not you. Maybe it’s them.

Visit Jennifer Moss' website here. Her book, The Burnout Epidemic, is available for pre-order here or wherever books are sold. Follow her on Twitter @JenLeighMoss.

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